Siratt Lifebook


Love this! It’s a combination of a diary and self development book, from a company called siratt. Their


Sleek, professional

High quality

Excellent animation pages on productivity tips from Productive Muslim (

Decent price for the quality. I got a desk Lifebook  which is £13.95. You can also get pocket sized ones.

Range of different colours to choose from


What does it actually include?

It has a normal planner style design with dates and days. At the bottom of each day you have you ‘mits’ which stands for ‘Most Important Tasks’


Throughout the book there is a habit list page which can be used to work on habits you want to form, or un-form (made up word), be it, spiritual, physical or social.


Other features include: Calendar, prayer times, notes and contacts section, chapters to develop your Islamic knowledge and a guide on how to use the Lifebook.

Would definitely recommend you go and order one for the next year. Only wish they had mid-years ones, as I got mine in May. Then again, it was my fault for not purchasing a diary early enough!



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