Tuna and Sweetcorn Burger


A nice alternative to a meat or chicken burger. It’s healthier too! minus the ketchup and mayonnaise that I couldn’t help adding.


two pieces of brown bread

one tin of tuna in brine

handful of sweetcorn

one chopped onion

2 eggs beaten

wholemeal bread rolls


1. Break the bread into pieces and blend in a blender to form breadcrumbs. Put into a bowl.

2. Add the tuna, sweetcorn and chopped onion into the bowl. Season as you like.

3. slowly add the beaten egg to form a sticky mixture, enough to form round burgers.

4. Heat oil in a pan and cook each side of the burger until golden brown and cooked through the middle.

5. Put into bread rolls and add whatever sauce, or salsa and salad you like, with cheese!




2 thoughts on “Tuna and Sweetcorn Burger

  1. Assalaamu’alaikum, this look delicious! It really is a great alternative for those that are tired of eating chicken all the time. I really like the sound of wholemeal burger buns, they usually turn out crispier around the edges which adds to the taste. InshaaAllaah I will be trying this out! Jzk x

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