5 little ways to improve your marriage


1. SMILE!  Something that seems small but makes a world of a difference. Your time with your loved one is what you make it. Smiling is the start of a happy evening.

2. GIFTS! Can be given on ‘Eid or anytime of the year. Just lets them know you’re thinking of them or that you specially went out of your way to get them something special.

3. EAT together. It can be difficult sometimes to find time in the day to eat with your spouse if both or one of you is very busy. Finding the time to sit down, eat one meal together, chat. Makes you feel connected, despite how busy you are.

4. Doing an ACTIVITY together, such as learning a language or cooking, anything really. Its really fun and you may get to see another side to your spouse, you never knew existed.

5. GAMES! Compete with each other in games. Could be a board game, online game, whatever tickles your fancy!


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