Detoxing Childhood by Sue Palmer

what children want

My new found passion is to read different books and articles on parenting. It ranges from how to discipline children to keeping routines in place. This is mainly because I just want to learn more about children and how to connect to them. Being a mother myself, it really helps me to gain an understanding on how I can become a great parent inshaAllah.

Coming from a teaching background, I can also definitely say it helps understand the children you teach. As they say, teachers are like second parents.


Detoxing Childhood

I really enjoyed this book. It was so addictive, I couldn’t put it down. It’s a simple read and gives easy to follow guidelines on eating and sleeping habits, good family life and the effects of modern technology. Sue tackles issues such as the importance of eating together as a family, why T.V’s in bedrooms are a no-no etc.

I won’t tell you everything she talks about, as it’ll spoil the fun of reading 🙂 However, a very useful feature of the book is that the author has included links to other useful resources after each section. It allows you then to continue and do further research into the topic.


*The ‘be warm’ ‘be fair’ pages give you quick tips on how to keep a balance between keeping boundaries and giving your child room for freedom.

*The use of diagrams to show the importance of the above balance and what could happen if it all goes wrong.


**We may not agree with everything an author has to say, just take the good.