Here I am at your service, my Lord, here I am.


Dhul Hijjah has already begun. Many pilgrims have made or are in the process of making their journey to the holiest cities in the World. Makkah & Madina. It brings back all the amazing and emotional memories of when I made my journey in 2011. Oh what a journey it was!

I will share with you my short snippets of some of the memories I have. There are too many to mention, but I’ll give you a few.

The hustle and bustle of Makkah & serenity of Madina:

*The surreal feeling of actually worshipping in masjid al haram. The spiritual call to prayer melts your heart like never before.

*Watching millions of people from different nations all in the same place for one purpose. To worship the almighty.

*Walking to the masjid in the dark to perform umrah

*Being close to your family, helping and protecting each other

*Tawaf was my favourite acts of worship

*Patiently waiting to drink water from the zam zam taps and having a cleaner walk through the crowds to pour me a glass.

*Masjid Nabawi is a breathtaking sight. Watching the skyline change from blue to pink to purple to navy to black as you spend time worshipping.

*Making sujood on the cold floor at fajr time.

*Night time shopping and shawarma and burger places.

*The emotional and physical hardships of the pilgrimage all worth it in the end inshAllah.

I could go on and I’ll never forget.

May Allah (swt) make the hajj easy on all pilgrims, accept their hajj and ours. ameen


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