10 things about summer


I used to love the rainy and cold weather and still do to an extent. The cosy nights in with a cup of tea. However, since becoming a mum, I realise summer time is so much more fun, because you can do so much more with your children/child outdoors. As a general, here is my list of things I’m looking forward to in the summer. It’s the simplest things in life that I enjoy.

*Picnics in the park

*Ice cream

*Blowing bubbles in the garden with my daughter

*Ramadan is coming

*Celebration of eid-ul-fitr

*Family fairs/fetes

*Not putting too many layers on your children!

*Hopefully my child not getting too many colds or flus inshaAllah



What are you looking forward to most about the summer?


Mini Haul Spring/Summer Ready

So I took a trip to Matalan on a late Saturday afternoon and discovered, they had soo many nice things for the spring/summer months, in the home section.

They had a different variety of home ornaments such as scented candles decorated nicely, cushions, tea lights, kitchenware, teacups, coffee mugs, glasses and so on.

I found these really cool glass/plastic bottles to drink from, with straws. I really liked the quotes on them and the brights colours. At such cheap prices, I couldn’t resist.



Great to give as gifts, or you can drink anywhere, in the car or in your garden.

IMG_1540 (1).jpg

I also found a really bright picnic blanket which has a nice saying. Fleecy material on top and harder material underneath to lay on grass. It was only £6!


Really nice buys at bargain prices! Has got me looking forward to having fresh juice in the summer inshAllah!