10 things about summer


I used to love the rainy and cold weather and still do to an extent. The cosy nights in with a cup of tea. However, since becoming a mum, I realise summer time is so much more fun, because you can do so much more with your children/child outdoors. As a general, here is my list of things I’m looking forward to in the summer. It’s the simplest things in life that I enjoy.

*Picnics in the park

*Ice cream

*Blowing bubbles in the garden with my daughter

*Ramadan is coming

*Celebration of eid-ul-fitr

*Family fairs/fetes

*Not putting too many layers on your children!

*Hopefully my child not getting too many colds or flus inshaAllah



What are you looking forward to most about the summer?


Am I grateful enough?


Just a thought that came across my mind…

We all have our down days as nothing and no-one is perfect.

So, sometimes it really helps to think about people in worse off situations than ourselves. It helps us to appreciate all the good things we have in life.

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:

“Look at those people who have less than you and never look at those who have more grants than you, this will ensure you do not depreciate Allah’s favours” [Muslim]

Naturally, we tend to look at people who have more than us, be it money, cars, houses, children etc but what about those people who are less fortunate? with no food to eat?

Gives us less reasons to complain and look at the bright side of life!

5 little ways to improve your marriage


1. SMILE!  Something that seems small but makes a world of a difference. Your time with your loved one is what you make it. Smiling is the start of a happy evening.

2. GIFTS! Can be given on ‘Eid or anytime of the year. Just lets them know you’re thinking of them or that you specially went out of your way to get them something special.

3. EAT together. It can be difficult sometimes to find time in the day to eat with your spouse if both or one of you is very busy. Finding the time to sit down, eat one meal together, chat. Makes you feel connected, despite how busy you are.

4. Doing an ACTIVITY together, such as learning a language or cooking, anything really. Its really fun and you may get to see another side to your spouse, you never knew existed.

5. GAMES! Compete with each other in games. Could be a board game, online game, whatever tickles your fancy!

Siratt Lifebook

Siratt Lifebook

Love this! It’s a combination of a diary and self development book, from a company called siratt. Their website:www.siratt.com Design Sleek, professional High quality Excellent animation pages on productivity tips from Productive Muslim (productivemuslim.com) Decent price for the quality. I … Continue reading



Welcome everyone! My first post. This quote reminds me that my day is, what I make it. Sometimes we can choose to either make or break our day. Positive mind and behaviour leads to a positive outcome. What do you think?